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Water Based Pigment Rhodamine Red Ink 250ml
25 Watts Discharge Inks

Water Based Pigment Rhodamine Red Ink 250ml


R2O CMS WB Pigment Mixing Rhodamine Red Concentrate Ink

The R2O CMS is a water based color mixing system for brilliant and correct color matches. When combined with a general purpose base or Discharge base, the result is bright, vivid colors with an amazingly soft feel. When printing on white 100% cotton fabrics the cost per print is less than that of plastisol. This is a PVC free pigment system designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. Perfect for an expanding screen printing shop, the R2O CMS Pigment Mixing System will give you flexibility to offer your customers a super soft retail type print with the color match of their choice! 

Curing Temperature: 320° Degrees (160° C)
Fusion Time: Approximately 90 seconds depending on the base. Times may be longer depending on the curing rate of your dryer.
Maximum Pigment load: Not to exceed 30%
Finish Appearance: Matte
Bleed Resistant: None
Squeegee: 60 to 70 Durometer
Squeegee Angle: 45 Degrees
Print Stroke: Maximum speed, lighter pressure
Emulsion: Use WBP or any water resistant emulsion
Underlay: Discharge white or Discharge base with 4 to 6% activator
Mesh Count: 77 to 110 mesh
Thinner: Water
Clean Up:  soap and water
Color Range: Pigments and Fluorescents
Substrate Type: 100% Cotton
Substrate Color: Lights or Darks using the Discharge base and 4 to 6% activator

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