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Water Based Pigment Purple Ink 250ml
25 Watts Discharge Inks

Water Based Pigment Purple Ink 250ml


R2O CMS WB Pigment Mixing Purple Concentrate Ink

The R2O CMS is a water based color mixing system for brilliant and correct color matches. When combined with a general purpose base or Discharge base, the result is bright, vivid colors with an amazingly soft feel. When printing on white 100% cotton fabrics the cost per print is less than that of plastisol. This is a PVC free pigment system designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. Perfect for an expanding screen printing shop, the R2O CMS Pigment Mixing System will give you flexibility to offer your customers a super soft retail type print with the color match of their choice! 

Curing Temperature: 320° Degrees (160° C)
Fusion Time: Approximately 90 seconds depending on the base. Times may be longer depending on the curing rate of your dryer.
Maximum Pigment load: Not to exceed 30%
Finish Appearance: Matte
Bleed Resistant: None
Squeegee: 60 to 70 Durometer
Squeegee Angle: 45 Degrees
Print Stroke: Maximum speed, lighter pressure
Emulsion: Use WBP or any water resistant emulsion
Underlay: Discharge white or Discharge base with 4 to 6% activator
Mesh Count: 77 to 110 mesh
Thinner: Water
Clean Up:  soap and water
Color Range: Pigments and Fluorescents
Substrate Type: 100% Cotton
Substrate Color: Lights or Darks using the Discharge base and 4 to 6% activator

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