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Discharge Agent 250 gram
25 Watts Discharge Inks

Discharge Agent 250 gram


250gram Ryonet ICC Discharge Agent. The secret ingredient in discharge printing! Add 5% to any mix of discharge colours, base or white for unbelievable results when printing black or coloured shirts.

Good ventilation is essential when printing with discharge inks (or any ink for that matter). Discharge Agent is a Zinc, Formaldahyde, Sulphate mixture which reacts when heated in a conveyer dryer of similar. The discharge agent takes colour out of natural fibre fabric allowing pigment colour into the weave - essentially dying the fabric. ZFS is safe once mixed into base or binder.


We recommend using a gram scale for optimal mixing performance.

Screen printing with discharge ink will speed up print production dramatically. Discharge enables printing straight onto the fabric of your shirt. Print wet on wet. Banish underbase white and flash units forever!

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