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Welcome to 25 Watts Discharge Ink Print Blog

25 Watts Discharge ink screen printing

Discharge printing isn't new. It's been around before. Previously discharge ink was smelly, difficult to print and limited in its application. What is new is that we can now print colour easily onto dark shirts. We've been around a while ourselves and have always searched for an alternative to Plastisol inks. This is it!

Ryonet and ICC have created a range of water based discharge products that make screen printing easy and fun. Essentially Discharge Ink is made up of 3 ingredients: Base - which is 90% of your mix. Pigment - the colour you intend to print. Agent - a 3 part chemical added to your ink mix which will strip the colour from your shirt and allow your ink right into the weave of the shirt. There is no surface 'feel' as you'd get with super cover or plastisol. The print feels soft and once cured is indestructible - it'll never wash out or crack.

We've started our store with all the products you'll need to get up and running printing in this unique medium. We hope to add more to the range as we go.


 Blue ink discharged into the weave of a black shirt